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Functional Medicine Workshop

Functional Medicine Workshops

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Join me today!

Take the next step in your journey to be intentionally well and join us for a small group virtual program (maximum 6 people) where participants will trace their own health history and map current symptoms to identify which systems of the body are calling for your help in healing.  

In this workshop, you will

  • Map your medical history
  • Decode your GI symptoms
  • Unravel what hormones are telling you
  • Uncover the tools for wellbeing you already have in your possession
  • Match you to a prescription food plan
  • Lock in a toolkit that WORKS for YOU

You'll receive EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get started:

  • Grocery list
  • Weekly planner
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Momentum Building Group Support

​This will be a great workshop to do with your loved ones, colleagues at work, or with close friends.

Charge 40$ per person.  Contact me via email or phone to schedule a date for your group.